Website Speed: How to fix it with a dedicated server in Italy?


We all love the swift delivery of products from online platforms. A website with great performance in terms of speed enhances the chance of better content delivery, just like the online platform.

Do you know there are many factors that affect the speed of a website? Bad hosting is one of them. We are here to introduce you to a whole new world of fine hosting services like dedicated server in Italy. This article is going to focus on the matter of how a good website speed can take your website to the next level. Further, you will discover the benefits of using Italy-dedicated hosting. See you on the next headline.

How Speed can add value to your Website with Dedicated Server In Italy

There are several factors that accompany a great website speed. In the blow points, we will discuss each factor in detail, along with its overall impact.

  • Better SEO score: We will start with the SEO score, which is very important forgrowing websites. Although SEO score is not completely dependent on website speed, it plays quite a strong role in getting the ranks higher. This is very similar to walking into an apparel store with fast payment service and a great variety of clothes. Such a store will always have a good reputation among the consumers.
  • Faster content delivery: A dedicated server in Italy can easily fire up the speed of the website to enable swift delivery of content from the source to the end user. This feature will allow increased delivery of content in a short span of time, ensuring wider audience reach.
  • Great experience for mobile users: Most of the website traffic comes from mobile phones, leading to an overcrowded situation. When you use the best-dedicated server in Italy, you ensure a smooth processing of data for mobile users which is solely dedicated to you.
  • Reduced exit rates: No user likes to leave content that caters to their needs quickly. Interesting content consisting of videos, products, and images helps in retaining the user for a longer time.
  • Increased competitive advantage: Your website will bustle with traffic just like the offline store due to the fast billing process. A smooth website supported by an Italian dedicated server will always have a competitive edge over other websites that lack the same level of speed.
  • Improved brand image: Every brand maintains a stable image on the consumer front. A website with a good brand image strives for a stable experience for the user wherein the website is up and available all the time at the same premium speed.
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Benefits Of Hosting Your Website On A Dedicated Server In Italy

We have shown how website speed can positively affect a website’s reputation. Now, you must understand the broader effects of using a dedicated server in Italy for your website.

  • A single-tenant server-powered website enjoys high-end security due to properly installed anti-DDoS software and a dedicated IP address. Also, there is no direct or indirect intervention from other websites, which leads to tightly sealed privacy.
  • Italy dedicated servers provide power pack performance to the website through ample amount of resources. This is essential for a growing website that is witnessing huge website traffic.
  • A good single-tenant server will facilitate the latest-generation hardware, which is important to use energy efficiently. Moreover, the latest-generation hardware is perfectly suitable for working with new technologies.
  • The best-dedicated server in Italy facilitates round-the-clock technical support. If you think this is not a big deal, then consider a scenario where your website is facing an unforeseen issue and you are surfing the internet to resolve it quickly. This might become a huge problem when you have good website traffic.

Why is Serverwala The Top Pick For An Italian Dedicated Server?

Serverwala has always been at the top of the market chain when it comes to providers offering dedicated server in Italy. They facilitate all kinds of features, from expert technical support to affordable plans. You can expect to have a great uptime guarantee from Serverwala, too, without any extra charge. Also, their plans are packed with top-grade security software. Your website will enjoy the next-level performance with a wide variety of data center locations offered by Serverwala. If you have any concerns regarding the backup of your precious data, then this is the best platform to quash all those doubts. Serverwala provides a perfect medium to ensure proper backup of the data.

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Finally, we have come to the end of this article. This is the point where we will conclude everything we have put into this article, right from the need for a good website speed to why Serverwala is the best data center service provider in the Italian market that can add benefits to your website.


The crux of the matter is that you cannot expect your website to grow without a quick response time in terms of content delivery. Also, Italy-dedicated hosting is the best choice to cater to your speed requirements. Along with speed, this special service offers security, stability, and better control. Now we are done with this article, but you must not forget to go through the interesting and useful FAQs below.


Q.1  Can a slow website speed affect your website’s SEO ranking?

Ans. A slow website is quite a disappointing factor when it comes to SEO ranking, but it is not the sole factor that can take down the ranking. Maintaining a blazing-fast website speed is always a smart choice to satisfy the website traffic, which will eventually show on your SEO rankings.

Q.2 Does hosting with good scalability options help speed up the website?

Ans. Scalability is associated with resources such as RAM, bandwidth, CPU, etc. So, when you have a better scalability option like you have with a dedicated server in Italy, you get to power your website’s speed even when you have heavy traffic and a ton of data.

Q.3 Does Serverwala offer technical support to its Italy-dedicated server clients?

Ans. Yes, Serverwala is all about affordable server plans and smart technical assistance. This means that you can fully rely on them when it comes down to handling an unforeseen situation.

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