Various Technological Developments in Everyday Life

Based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), technology has two meanings. First, technology is termed a scientific system to achieve practical goals; applied science. Second, technology is understood as a whole means of providing goods needed for the continuity and comfort of human life.
In the book Technology Issues and Communication for Class VII Middle Schools by Y Maryono and B Patmi Istiana, technology is explained as a realization of human thought that maximizes certain systems or methods to solve life’s problems.

One of the most prominent developments in technology in everyday life is in the field of communication. The development of communication technology allows seamless cross-border connections. In the field of transportation, technological developments are revolutionizing the system of moving people and objects from one area to another.

Development of Communication Technology

Communication technology has evolved since the innovation of the electric telegraph in 1831. Reporting from the Forbes website, initially sending letters via post became a human system for communicating over long distances. But in the 19th century, electrical technology changed the system for humans to communicate over long distances.

The telephone then became an important necessity within 50 years of its invention. However, phones then began to present limitations in flexibility and privacy.

Then the cell phone was born as its successor invention. Mobile phones then developed into cell phones, supported by the development of the online world which also revolutionized the world of communication.

The development of the online world has also expanded the use of electronic communications. Some of these include electronic mail, instant messaging, telephone calls via Voice over Online Protocol (VoIP), two-way interactive video calls, online chat forums, blogs and other social networks.

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Agricultural Development

One of the early agricultural technologies was characterized by the use of a hoe as a simple tool, quoted from the Pure Green website. One of the applications of agricultural technology was recorded in 3000 BC with the emergence of wooden or iron plows, which were pulled by draft animals such as oxen or horses.

Then around 1900, the tractor engine was delivered by John Froelich. This tool began to be widely applied in the 1920s.

Tractors make it possible to cultivate larger areas of land with greater speed and efficiency. Tractors not only reduce labor costs, but also increase crop yields.

The development of tractors is not only limited to speed and power, but also adds function. Tractors are now equipped with equipment such as plows, cultivators, and even lawn mowers.

The evolution of the tractor as a more powerful and versatile agricultural device is a reflection of technological progress. The features are more complete and efficient for farmers in carrying out various agricultural tasks, from planting to harvesting crops.

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