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How to get the most out of your small space

Do you feel restricted by the size of your bedroom? Being cramped isn’t ideal for healthy sleep – crucial for your mental wellbeing – or for looking after your possessions. But thankfully there are lots of simple, practical ways to make your small space work harder.  

Plus, if you are feeling the squeeze, you’re probably not alone. A recent study found that UK homes are among the smallest in the world – despite having comparatively high price tags. At least this means there are plenty of people out there creating great storage hacks!

One of whom is Melissa Denham, interior design expert at fitted furniture provider Hammonds, who shares a range of tips on storage for smaller bedrooms below. She states that the trick is to “get creative and use the various nooks and crannies of your room to store away your belongings effectively.” 

Use the space over and under your bed

Beds are typically the biggest items in a bedroom – so it makes sense to use the space around them where possible. That includes going over and/or under, depending on your setup.

Divan beds include storage drawers within the base and are perfect for hiding away chunkier items like duvets and towels. Alternatively, built-in over-bed storage adds functionality to the dead space between your headboard and the ceiling – ideal for stashing away bedding.

Install fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are perfect for maximising space, especially if you’re working with any tricky dimensions like sloped ceilings or alcoves. By going floor-to-ceiling with custom wardrobes, you’ll gain more space for your clothes without leaving awkward gaps.

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You can customise their interior to suit your tastes too, for example adding a shoe or jewellery draw if you’ve got plenty to store.  

Go vertical

When you’re limited on floor space, it can be helpful to think vertically and raise your storage off the ground.

Can you use a spare wall to install floating shelves for your books, souvenirs and other smaller items? All you need are some planks and a wall bracket and you’re good to go.

Open shelves are ideal for creating attractive displays too. Mix things up with a potted plant and photograph or print, and bring your new shelves to life!

Use every opportunity

If you’re still a little tight on space, you might just need to get more creative!

For example, an over-door hanger could hold your coats, bags or even another storage basket. Your windowsills meanwhile are basically built-in shelves, ideal for storing short items like books and makeup (as long as you don’t suffer too much with condensation).

Could any of these small-space storage tips help transform your bijou bedroom?

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