From Zero to Hero: Building an Engaged Telegram Member Base from Scratch

Have you recently created a Telegram profile and wondered how you could expand your engaged Telegram members base from scratchquickly? No need to stress out as you will delve into some of the best tips and tricks here to boost your Telegram members and ensure the overall growth of your channel.

  1. Create a compelling Telegram channel profile

Optimize your Telegram channel profile as it is a crucial element that interacts with the target audience. Determine your topic and value proposition. Once you do that, update your profile by adding four essential branding elements.

Add a simple and descriptive channel name ensuring it is relevant to your topic. However, if you are creating a channel for your brand, simply use your name. When including a description, add your value proposition to make it identifiable to members. Use a relevant profile picture and include your channel name in a distinctive Telegram link.

  1. Add members

You can add an initial 200 members for free by leveraging your contacts. This feature gets automatically off when the limit of your Telegram channel members reaches 200. The good news is that you can share your group or a channel with your contacts and ask them to share it with their friends and friends of friends. If you have a long contact list, you can get 200-300 members within a few days.

  1. Create a content strategy

Content is key not just for search engine optimization (SEO) but also for building and growing your Telegram channel. You can upload content in a varying type of formats. For example, GIFs, images, high-resolution videos, games, audio clips, polls, stickers, and more. However, you must develop a solid content strategy for a healthy start. Determine what type of content you will post and how often you will upload.

Post shareable and valuable content more often. Since you are building a Telegram member base from scratch, try to post content daily to reflect your potential membership about your active participation on your channel.

  1. Advertise in Telegram direct chat

You can increase your member base by sending a direct message with an invitation link to the target channel or group. Be sure that you send messages to people who are actively interested in your niche and related to your channel or group’s topic. This can help increase the possibility of drawing the attention of the new audience. Remember, to send a bulk of messages, you may need a reliable tool to obtain details of your group members and deliver the required messages.

  1. Engage in chat groups
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The more you interact with members in chat groups, the more new followers you can gain. Find relevant chat groups on Telegram ensuring it aligns with the topic of your channel. Alongside groups from your niche, you can easily find groups for Telegram promotion where everyone is exchanging their links. The best thing is that it is completely a free tactic that comprises nothing except showing active participation.

  1. Buy real members

Purchasing Telegram members is one of the best ways to make it big on Telegram and gain perceived popularity. When you buy Telegram members from a reliable service provider delivering authentic members from legitimate sources, you can potentially increase your member count promptly without any effort. Consequently, you can make your channel appear more credible and popular.

Bought members can maximize your channel’s reach as Telegram’s algorithm considers trending and growing channels with a large number of member bases. The wider reach can be a game-changer for your campaign’s growth.

Furthermore, more members convert to a higher level of engagement that enriches the user experience and sends a stronger signal to the algorithm. The major benefit of purchasing members is that you can buy the desired number of members as per your requirements.         

  1. Host a challenge or giveaway

Another effective strategy that can grow your channel’s member base is organizing a giveaway, contest, or challenge. These events require participants to join your channel to participate in an event and enhance their possibilities of winning amazing prizes.

Select an attractive prize that will entice the audience. Before organizing any giveaway, find out how you will run it. Create a detailed description and promote it on all the platforms you are currently using. At the end, select a winner and declare the results with your followers.

  1. Paid promotions
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Most Telegram users are using this method for promoting their channels or groups and developing an engaged member base. It includes paying admins to post your content on their channels for 1-24 hours. The cost of publication varies depending on different factors such as promotion duration and channel size where you want to do promotion.

A single promotional post can bring 0-500 new members; however, results differ based on ad content, activity in the channel where you want to promote, CTA, and channel content. Paid promotions are one of the most effective methods as they bring targeted and genuine members.

  1. Promote your channel on other platforms

Sharing your Telegram channel on other messaging apps or media outlets is one of the most common strategies to entice people to follow you. When sharing your channel on other platforms, add your Telegram link to your Facebook profile and include your profile to the banner image of your YouTube channel.

Highlight your Telegram username on your podcast and add a profile to your blog’s widget. Include a linked Telegram icon as a social media icon on all your websites. Furthermore, you can promote your channel on TikTok, and Twitter feed, and add a Telegram link in Linktree options.

  1. Partner with other Telegram channels

Develop mutually beneficial collaborations with other Telegram channels in your niche. You may engage in joint contests, collaborate on live videos, and do takeovers, and interviews to keep your members engaged. Be sure that you align your channel or brand with recognized channels in your industry. This strategy helps in tapping into combined audiences for a broader reach.

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