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Cox Communications is the 3rd biggest broadband network in the entire US. Cox has always been a network who provide more and more facilities to the users. Cox has proved to be an all rounder because of the services they offer and talking about their service, how can someone not talk about the most talked thing and that is the internet. Cox Internet is one of the most premium service where they offer some amazing bundles of speed with stable connectivity. The internet service provider has a family of more than 6.6 million and Cox is aiming to expand more and more to capture the market. You would require a Cox Internet to avail the hotspot facility in your house.

What Are Cox Wi-Fi Hotspots And How Can We Connect?

Before diving into Cox Wi-Fi Hotspot, let’s discuss the Cox Internet plan.

Cox Internet

As mentioned above in the article, if you want to avail Cox hotspot for free, what you would require is an internet, that too of Cox because if you are Cox internet user so you will have a free access to the Wi-Fi hotspot because it comes with every plan. Cox has variety of bundles that they offer to their users so that they can choose whatever plan suits their house and family more. Talking about the bundles that Cox offers, I’ll show you what they offer and then decide what you should choose.

Cox Internet – Bundle Of Extreme Madness

Cox Internet has allowed user to make choice as they are offering 5 of their amazing bundles. To have more idea, let’s discuss them.




Services offered





Go Fast


The basic package comes with a minimal speed of 100mbps download. People who are not the daily user, want to check their mail, or if they want to google something, the package would definitely be their favorites.



Starts with 49.99$


Go Faster


The second tier is for those people who love using social media or want to watch some videos.


the plan comes with an exciting price of 69.99$ per month only.



Go Even Faster


The second tier is for those people who love using social media or want to watch some videos.


the plan comes with an exciting price of 69.99$ per month only.




Super Fast



This package is heaven for the gamers as they would be experiencing different level in gaming with no lags as the plan offers around 1gbps and starting with 109.99$




Starting with 109.99$


Beyond Fast



One of the most premium packages in the series as it comes with amazing flashy speed of 2gbps but the availability of this package is still less. You need to check the availability first.



Check for availability


After having a look at their internet plans, lets discuss Wi-Fi hotspot in detail.

Cox Communications have facilitated its users with more than 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots so that they can have a digital world on a tap.

Now how would you connect a random Cox hotspot? if you are a Cox user already, then you don’t need to worry about anything because where ever you see a Wi-Fi named Cox Wi-Fi or Cox Premium, what you would need to do is just simply type your Cox id and password and you are good to go and let’s suppose you have a guest meet up at your house and everyone is asking for password. Isn’t that annoying, for that you have the best solution, your free access to Cox hotspot that came with your internet package.

If you are thinking that after renting the hotspot, the performance of your internet might get compromised, I should tell you that the internet speed won’t get compromised at all.

Is It Safe To Use?

Many users online showed their concerns whether the Cox Hotspot is safe to use or not? The answer is, there are multiple hotspots available in the town. Many of them appears with a lock sign over them that clearly means that are fully secured networks and you can use them without any hassle, but if you are planning to use one without lock on it, I suggest you should not and that is for your own safety and privacy but if you are in need to use one then you can use it with VPN. Even if you are using a free Wi-Fi hotspot and then suddenly any other Wi-Fi name comes up asking to join, never join because these are scammers who can access your data and can harm you.

Price Of Cox Hotspot

If you are not a Cox user and want to avail the hotspot then what you can do is ‘buy a pass’. The facility allows you have Wi-Fi and Cox charges some amount for it. For example, if you want to avail the service for 2 hours so you have to pay 4-5$, same Cox allows packages for 24hrs, a week and a month also.



How Can I Login?

If you are on the street and want to use Cox Hotspot and if you are a Cox user, you have nothing to worry because you just have to connect to any nearby available Wi-Fi hotspot.

How Can I Connect? Step By Step

  1. First you need to open your Wi-Fi setting and look for any Wi-Fi named Cox Wi-Fi or Cox Premium or something like that.
  2. After finding any relevant Wi-Fi nearby, select that network.
  3. After selecting, you need to open your Safari/Browser.
  4. You will then be directed to a page where you will be asked to choose the network provider, you have to select Cox.
  5. Then you will be directed to a page where you will have to enter Cox login user ID and password.
  6. Enjoy!

Is There Any Way To Turn Your Hotspot Off?

  1. You need to open your Cox Hotspot login page first and then Sign in.
  2. Then you have to go Password and Security.
  3. After opening Password and Security, open Privacy Settings.
  4. There you will find a Cox Hotspot, open and you will see a ‘Disable’ option.
  5. After disabling, save your changes so that your hotspot should remain off.

Why Am I Getting Slow Speed?

The reason you get a slow speed is because there are multiple devices being connected to a single hotspot, in that case you should immediately change your Wi-Fi and switch to another.


Cox has been providing value to what people pay, maintaining the quality for many years and still growing, Cox is on its dream run. If you are still not a Cox user, you should be from now because hotspot will be an easy access for you and family.

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