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Are automated blinds right for you?

Decorating a home is an exciting and sometimes daunting experience. Once you’ve decided on the larger elements; the overall style of your home, the color scheme, the look of your couch, and the color of your walls then comes all of the smaller decisions that you may not have considered in the initial stages of the decorating process. Deciding to install automated blinds is one of those often overlooked considerations that you’ll make when decorating your home.

Once you have decorated your home, there’s always room for upgrades in the future – perhaps you upgrade your couch once your children have reached teenagehood, or your walls get a fresh coat of paint after a few years. Another upgrade you might consider making is switching from curtains to automated blinds.

There are so many reasons to install automated blinds in your home, including that they’re child-safe, convenient, and seamlessly fit into many styles of home. If you’ve got questions about installation, or the different blind styles you can have make sure you talk to the experts to get all the information you need – like the leading automated blinds manufacturer in Brighton.

Automated blinds are safe for children

Loose cords that are usually associated with blinds, especially older varieties, pose a risk to children in your home. There are plenty of options when you decide to install automatic blinds, and each of them is safe.

  • Cordless blinds: operated by hand, without cords.
  • Motorised blinds: use a button to operate them.
  • Cord lock away: these blinds have a cord but it can be safely secured out of reach.
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They’re convenient and easy to use

Automated blinds are much more child-safe than blinds operated with a cord, and they are also easier to use – relying on the touch of a button rather than the pulling of a cord to open and close them. They’re also long-lasting and are easier to use for less mobile people and older adults.

Automated blinds are stylish

There’s plenty of choices when you’re considering automated blinds – there’s a blind to fit all home aesthetics, with a range of colors and styles.  When you’re considering installing automated blinds in your home, make sure you go and have a look at a showroom to understand the look and feel of what you’re getting before you make the decision.

Instead of buying online, visit Brighton Sunblinds or get in touch with them to get an expert opinion on automated blinds: https://www.brightonsunblinds.co.uk/contact-us/

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