10 Secrets of Successful Cold Email Copywriting Revealed for 2024

Email copywriting is considered one of the best marketing strategies. A cold email is sent to a prospect or business organisation to gauge their interest in your product or service. According to a study conducted by Backlinko, the average response rate of cold emails is 8.5%, and personalised headlines also affect the customer’s persona and boost the response rate up to 30.5%.

To level up your sales, you must use effective strategies to compose responsive emails. It is a cost-effective modem to reach up to many audiences and build lasting relations with them. It triggers the interest of readers and they click by signing up, replying and scheduling to the quoted pitches. 

Cold email is still effective in 2024 as it is a powerful tool to help businesses reach their potential clients without investing an amount. There are different copywriting services, having an expert team of professional copywriters who help you bring more sales through powerful words.

Before learning the effective strategies, let us dive into the conceptual framework of cold email marketing.

What Is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold email marketing is the exchange of informative content about a product or service between the sender and receiver you don’t know. The main purpose of email writing is to convince your customer to take immediate action. Businesses use this strategic email marketing to make clients, customers or partners and facilitate them with their services. 

The power of the words is all that matters in email copywriting. Specialised power words are used instantly in the headline section to grasp the reader’s attention. Some of them are listed below:

  • Exclusive
  • Revealed
  • Secrets
  • Transformative
  • Unbelievable
  • Guaranteed
  • Revolutionary

Cold email copywriting examples will help you get an idea of how to maintain the tone and convince readers. One of the best examples is mentioned below:

Top 10 Cold Email Copywriting Best Practices to Implement

If your email does not catch the customer’s interest it will break your marketing campaign. The most common problems noticed in cold email copywriting are a lack of clarity, unnecessary wordiness and egocentrism.  All these things let the reader delete the message without even opening it. 

In this ten-step guide, we will teach you how to create a prospect-oriented, valuable, and engaging sales email. We will also inform you how to cope with the account updating policies. From exploring the nuances of cold email campaigns that resonate with your customer’s interest in building a genuine business connection.

1. Set Clear Objectives

Before you write, prepare a strong plan for cold email copywriting. Setting clear goals will help you focus on the driven results of a marketing campaign. Similarly, one email can’t be shared with every business organisation. Every organisation has its specific challenges, needs and goals. Analyse them thoroughly and conclude them with SMART goals such as specific, measurable, attainable, and time-bound. 

For instance, you are targeting an organisation that has suffered a drastic loss due to lack of funding. In this scenario, you are creating an offer to compensate for that loss, and for this, estimate the percentage to which the business is suffering a loss. Offer them a strategic partnership and facilitate the user by extracting the marginal profit from the mutual agreement. 

Compose this offer in convincing words so that the person facing the problem will be instantly provoked. As a result of this, he will become willing to collaborate to cope with the scenario.

While doing copywriting for cold emails determine the style, content and length of your copy. You can take the necessary intervals to construct a compelling copy immersed with appropriate goals to achieve.

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2. Build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Have you ever heard of ICP? An ideal customer profile helps businesses focus on the customers likely to be convinced through cold email copywriting. The profile study involves analysing specific behavioural and demographic patterns including the pain points. It can be developed by both means qualitative and quantitative. 

ICP should not be confused with the addressable market; instead, it should focus on potential customers. A strategic ICP helps organisations to tailor their upcoming market plans. Consider the industry facts, location, company size and regular customers. 

Also analyse the metrics such as annual revenue, technology usage and permanent clients. After that sketch an appropriate ICP to derive more leads and successive engagements through your email copy. 

3. Use Great Storytelling

Storytelling is the best way to hook the reader’s attention. Start your cold email copywriting encapsulating a captivating story which is relatable to your product. Share the experience of joy and product reviews in your copy. Maintain a persuasive tone to dive into the reader’s imagination. For instance, you can write the opening like:

Congrats Jenny! You did it straight away, yes you! Hey, that’s about me! Do you remember the day when everything was ruined?

The above-discussed phrasal context will arouse the reader’s curiosity to ponder about what happened to Jenny. This engaging hook will let them read the context further as a result the intended purpose of product pitching will be fulfilled. 

Other than this, you can also get help from a storytelling cold email copywriting template. Extracting the information from those will help you craft an engaging story that converts.

4. Add Multimedia Elements

The best practice for cold email copywriting is to include multimedia elements. Incorporate some flyers, brochures, and infographics to make instant conversions. In your email copy, you can attach some video testimonials about your product and inform the customer. Videos are considered a great communication tool. 

The following are the benefits of incorporating multimedia elements in your marketing copy:

  • Effective communication
  • Enhanced sales
  • Increased engagement
  • Greater accessibility
  • Innovative branding
  • Great storytelling  

Other than this you can also insert various JPG, PNG and animated GIFs. They also result in high engagement and also look attractive.

5. Create Your Email Accounts

The next step in proceeding with a copywriting cold email is to set up multiple emails. There are different mailing platforms, and the most popular ones are:

  • G-mail
  • Yahoo

Create multiple accounts per domain, at least five accounts per domain. While doing professional sales, don’t use nicknames to pitch the sales. Your professional business email should include the following things:

  • Your name is entitled, excluding the company position, as it changes from time to time.
  • A professional email address should be

Buying secondary domains will help you secure the primary ones. For example, if you want to send 5000 emails in 30 days, then you may require at least 1 domain for 3 email accounts.

6. Write the First Draft of a Cold Email Copy

Work on the AIDA -Attention, Desire, Interest and Action. According to this, you have to craft attention-grabbing headlines encapsulating their desire for the product. Afterwards, write about their interest and a triggering CTA (call-to-action) for buying the specific product. 

Acting upon AIDA, construct the first draft of cold email copywriting, including the following things:

  • Concise yet attractive hook. It should be meaningful and not more than four words. It must be focused and specifically highlight the reader’s needs. 
  • Use a pre-header about your main heading. Note this is the thing from which the reader can open your copy.
  • The whole body must be easily scannable and readable. Control the length and make short paragraphs yet meaningful to convince readers.
  • Mention easy buttons or links to unsubscribe from the daily notifications of cold emails. This brings peace to the customer’s mind.
  • Don’t include spam links or triggered words to offend the reader. 
  • Add a clear CTA. It could be anything such as signing up, replying or booking a meeting.
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7. Keep an Eye on Sending Limits

Sending a large number of emails could blacklist and spam your account. So, you have a good collection of cold email copywriting ideas and want to forward them at once. Wait, this is the common mistake most marketers make. Rather than setting limits, they annoy their customers. Make the following considerations in your account to manage the feasibility:

  • Set an optimal timeframe to send emails. The best time is to schedule it in the early morning as more people open emails before starting their work.
  • Include a buffer between emails approximately of 360-1800 seconds the criteria devised by Saleshandy. This would constitute 6 minutes to 30 minutes. It will control the machine gun messaging.
  • Add consistent breaks when sending emails, as it will maintain the credibility of your pitch.

8. End With an Open Question

Using an open question at the end of your cold email copywriting will shift a one-way conversation into a two-way one. This is the best practice to spark curiosity, initiate a dialogue and invite a response to the specific product or service. You can include the following questions aligning with your goal. For instance, 

  • How would you manage the profit loss in business?
  • Analysing your experience, what is the most challenging strategy to uplift your business?
  • Does teamwork set a benchmark in accelerating business?
  • What do you think is the ratio of increasing skin cancer?
  • Do you resonate with the recent updates in the iPhone 14 Pro?
  • In your opinion, which laptop is better than a Dell?

All these curious questions will invite a diverse range of experiences from people. Their knowledge, practical experience and instant response will help you understand the responsive email dynamics. Hence, you are advised to put an open question at the end of your email.

9. Speak the Language of Benefits

The sales tone is never about pitching your product instead it is always for your customer. While writing a cold email copywriting adjust your tone to highlight the benefits that are necessary for customers. For example, your product is email scheduling software rather than emphasising on its features explain how it would be beneficial to the users. 

Just like it will help them save their time by effectively handling multiple emails. Moreover, this software will reduce the burden of manual research and aid you in conducting instant research. While explaining the benefits in your copy you have to be in your customer’s shoes and think in place of them.

10. Review Before Sending

Every cold email copywriter reviews the context once it is written. An email copy is short-length content therefore, it is necessary to review it thoroughly before sending. You should be vigilant in matching the subject line with the body context. Ensure that the information is free of grammatical, syntactical and punctuation flaws. Spot if the main goal is addressed properly, read your email loudly and analyse the sentence structuring. 

Other than this, you can identify the marginal spaces, font size and paragraph spacing. All these tactics will help you craft the best cold email copywriting and generate more leads.

Is Cold Emailing Illegal?

As per the mailtrap cold emails are legal as they don’t break any legal law. Rather they provide a cost-effective road map towards reaching potential clients.


From the above discussion in this guide, you can now easily implement the best practices in cold email copywriting. You have learned everything from setting clear objectives to reviewing and editing stage. Following these strategic tips and secrets will fast forward your sales and bring satisfaction at both ends.

As a business, you will explore new tactics to pitch the customer’s personas. Moreover, it will inform the readers about the type of services and products you hold. Due to the excessive workload and massive inventory management, you can seek email copywriting services from professional firms like The Academic Papers UK. The highly expert copywriters craft engaging and compelling copies to generate more leads.

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